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March 3, 2020 on the website of the Government there was news about the adoption of the Resolution regarding a change in the principle of coordination of land management projects. According to the published text, from May 1, 2020, a unified algorithm for submitting documents and coordinating land management projects will be in effect. Among the important innovations that will need to be known and used, the following should be noted:
  1. In Ukraine, the extraterritorial principle of harmonizing all types of land management documentation will apply. This means that the Gosgeokadastra electronic document management system, by the principle of randomness, selects the Gosgeokadastra territorial body, which will coordinate the specific document regarding land management.
  2. Submission of documents for approval, as well as obtaining an opinion on the review will be fully transferred to electronic mode, using a qualified electronic signature.
  3. 7 types of land management documentation will be added to land allotment projects (in particular, on land inventory and land reclamation necessary to remove and transfer the fertile soil layer).
According to analysts, these changes will positively affect the reduction of the corruption component in the Gosgeokadastra and will minimize the number of refusals to coordinate documentation under the pretext of “regional specifics”.
As of today, the procedure for approving a land management project is one of the most important administrative services, which remains relevant and in demand. Recall that along with the approval of the land management project online, the services of obtaining an extract from the State Land Cadastre about a land plot, extracting it from technical documentation on a normative monetary value, access to information on ownership and property rights to a land plot is also available.