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On May 6, 2020, the President signed the Law of Ukraine "On the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure" adopted on April 16 (hereinafter referred to as the Law), which, according to its initiators, will ensure the establishment of a unified state policy on the creation, operation and development of a national geospatial data infrastructure aimed at to ensure effective management decision-making by state authorities and local self-government, eliminating duplication of work and expenses of the state budget and the creation of geospatial data at all levels of public administration and local self-government meet the needs of society in all kinds of geographic information. In our opinion, it can also solve the problem of lack of data from people who want to exercise their right to free privatization of land. It is worth noting that before that, Ukrainian legislation did not provide for the unification of this issue.
Among other things, the Law proposes:
  • Fully classify geo-aging data and metadata
  • establish the legal framework for the creation, operation and development of a national geospatial data infrastructure. A national geoportal and other geoportals for sectoral or territorial coverage will be created. The following network services are created and operate as part of the national geoportal and geoportals of executive authorities and local self-government bodies: 1) search services that provide for the identification of geospatial data and metadata; 2) services for viewing geospatial data and metadata; 3) services for access to geospatial data and metadata, including in the form of data loading and application programming interfaces; 4) geospatial data transformation services in order to achieve interoperability; 5) other services for carrying out activities on geospatial data and metadata, including services for the provision of administrative services.
  • establish principles for the creation and development of a national geospatial data infrastructure;
  • ensure, very importantly, cross-sectoral integration of geospatial data and inventory data;
  • to form a modern system to ensure the needs of society in all types of geographical information;
  • supplement the Administrative Code of Ukraine by establishing responsibility for the misappropriation of geospatial data and metadata, their loss or unauthorized destruction, as well as violation of the procedure for creating and using geospatial data and metadata;
  • and, most importantly, to ensure the discovery on the Internet of geospatial data and metadata created in the public sector and by monopolistic enterprises.
In practice, the Law is one of the components of the launch of land reform, worked out in accordance with the recommendations of Directive 2007/2 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council of March 14, 2007 on the implementation of the geospatial information infrastructure in the European Union (INSPIRE). It will provide an opportunity to combine information on various infrastructure, communication networks and databases in one place. In addition, it will allow you to aggregate and systematize information about spatial data and metadata and get high-quality analytics.
It is important to note that the information will be open and free and will be updated in real time.
We hope that the adoption of the law will solve the big problem of obtaining exhaustive and thorough information necessary for the implementation of the constitutional right of citizens to die, and will also allow the general public to monitor all kinds of violations of land legislation.