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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the draft law “On state regulation of activities in the field of organizing and conducting gambling” (hereinafter - the law), the purpose of which is to abolish the ban on the gaming business in Ukraine over the past 10 years. Among other things, the draft law addresses the legal regulation of the organization, activities, licensing and control of economic activities in the organization and conduct of gambling. The draft lawl, in particular, provides for the possibility of organizing the activities of casino gaming establishments in Ukraine, establishes the features and conditions for their opening and functioning. It is reported that for the purpose of automated accounting in Ukraine, a register of casino organizers will be created with a complete list of casino gaming establishments and their locations.
In addition, the draft law has already proposed requirements for legal entities that will be engaged in economic activities in the field of gambling.
So, the draft law establishes the following requirements for casino organizers:
  1. Organizer - only a legal entity that has received appropriate licenses.
  2. The main type of detail should be the organization and conduct of gambling.
  3. The size of the share capital - at least 30 million UAH. (formed exclusively in cash, the origin of which must be confirmed).
  4. The presence of own brand, which includes commercial casino brand, corporate style, name, personalized logo of institution
  5. To place a casino on the territory only on the territory of five-star hotels, with the number of rooms - from 200 for Kiev and from 150 for other cities.
  6. The area of the casino should be at least 500 square meters.
  7. The requirements are also set for the gaming equipment of the casino, namely:
– 10 gaming tables (at least 2 roulette tables), and at least 50 gaming machines, if the casino is located in cities with a population of more than 500 thousand inhabitants.
– 5 gaming tables (at least 1 roulette), and at least 20 slot machines, if the number of population in the city where the casino is located is less than 500 thousand.
  1. The number of employees who must work on an employment contract is at least 50 people.
  2. The casino must have a valid bank guarantee of payment in the amount of at least 7,200 minimum wages (30,045,600 UAH) or a deposit for the same amount.
The state will prohibit the organizers of the gambling business from using uncertified equipment. Moreover, in the near future an online monitoring system will be created, to which the organizers will be required to connect all the gaming equipment. The online monitoring system will provide control over the activities of the organizers of gambling, up to the possibility of remote shutdown of any gaming machine.
The draft law also provides for the obligation of the organizer to insure against the risk of non-payment in case of bankruptcy.
In addition, the draft law establishes special requirements related to the fight against gambling addiction. The owner of the casino is obliged to post information materials in such institutions on issues of gaming addiction and responsible gaming, which should contain information on limiting the age of a player, on chances of winning, principles of responsible gaming and on places where you can get help in case of gambling addiction. In addition, the administration of the casino will have to consider in each individual case the statements of citizens about the self-restriction of access to gambling, as well as make statements about such a person in the online monitoring system.
It should be added that all games in the casino will be conducted with the strictest observance of the principle of “responsible game”. The last one implies the implementation by the game organizers of a set of actions to minimize the negative consequences for the participants in the games and organize their self-control.
The casino organizers will have to pay not only for the license, but also for each gaming table and slot machine. For example, a license for a casino in Kiev will cost at least UAH 35 million. per year, and for other cities - from 24 million UAH. In addition, the license for the roulette gaming table will cost the organizers no less than UAH 1.4 million, and 720 thousand UAH for a regular gaming table. As indicated in the draft law, there is only one way to avoid paying such a large amount for a license - by building a new five-star hotel.
We remind you that this analysis was carried out in the framework of the proposed draft law, which has only recently been submitted to the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for consideration. He will receive the legal force of the law only after going through all the stages stipulated by law.