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We continue the series of articles devoted to the coronavirus disease epidemic (COVID-19) and its consequences for Ukrainian business. As we wrote earlier, in order to combat the epidemic, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted relevant laws (On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and On amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and other laws of Ukraine regarding the support of taxpayers for the period of implementation of measures aimed at preventing the onset and spread of coronovirus disease (COVID-19)).
In this article, we would like to focus your attention on those tax obligations that are not covered by the relief. Among them, others:
  • failure to submit (untimely submission) of VAT tax reports;
  • non-payment (late payment) of VAT tax liabilities;
  • failure to submit or untimely submission of tax reports on excise tax, non-payment (late payment) of tax obligations on excise tax;
  • the implementation by business entities of operations to sell fuel or ethyl alcohol without registering such entities with excise tax payers;
  • violation of the rules for accounting, production and circulation of fuel or ethyl alcohol in excise warehouses, violation of the rules for the movement and / or storage of fuel or ethyl alcohol, non-confirmation of the intended use by business entities of ethyl alcohol, bioethanol, light and heavy distillates, and petroleum products obtained as raw materials for production in the chemical industry, substances used as components of motor fuels, aviation gasoline or jet fuel;
In the meantime, we wish you good health and will keep you informed of important legal information related to quarantine.