Information technology

We are developing innovative solutions for the fastest growing branch of law in the world. Practice in the sphere of technology is a part of our global course of professional development in that spheres like blockchain and e-commerce, which also are include the practices of cybersecurity, data protection, digital media, telecommunication.
Basic services in this area:
  • acquisition, registration, and transfer of intellectual property rights, advice on trademarks and brand management;
  • legal support for complex IT and outsourcing transactions, legal support for research, design, development, use, and dissemination of technological solutions and innovations;
  • advice on regulation of blockchain, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding and mobile financial services;
  • licensing of participants in the cryptocurrency market;
  • tax advice on cryptocurrency and tokens
  • drafting of contracts for the sale and exchange of cryptocurrency
  • legal support for the exchange of cryptocurrency for foreign convertible currencies and real estate;
  • advice on cybersecurity and data protection;
  • consulting on the regulation of cryptographic activities, legal support for the passage of AML/CTF, due diligence procedures.
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