Banking and
Financial law

Banking and financial law is one of the key practices of Law & Management Finance Group. We provide a full range of legal services in banking and finance.
Law & Management Finance Group services in banking and financial law include:

  • conducting legal audits of the financial/banking activities of the enterprise;
  • opening of bank accounts in Ukraine and abroad;
  • analysis and preparation of a report on the source of funds in order to facilitate the flow of complementarity in foreign banks;
  • maintenance of documentary transactions involving bank letters of credit, guarantees, and collections;
  • advising clients on the establishment of investment funds and financial companies and on obtaining licenses from public authorities;
  • development of a structural algorithm for carrying out financial transactions;
  • representation of interests in negotiations with banking and other financial institutions on credit issues, opening of credit lines, letters of credit, receipt of bank guarantees, responses to bank requests.
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