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Our company is multifunctional, which makes it a universal assistant for clients in solving various issues. A professional approach, clear knowledge of law-making mechanisms and thorough analysis of the client’s issues make it possible to find a way out of the most difficult situations. L&M Finance Group regularly expands its business to become even more profitable for you. 

We provide a full range of legal services in the areas of:

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Our team arranges business processes of television and broadcasting companies. Drafting of documentation for registration of print media and legal support of Internet providers and mobile operators.

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Our company provides comprehensive legal support to IT companies. We assist start-ups, outsourcing companies, blockchain projects, payment systems, e-commerce and other IT businesses.

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Analysis of financial health and development of an overall strategy for companies of different directions. Lawyers will help organize asset management and understand all the intricacies of modern financial systems.

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Risk analysis of various market sectors for investors. Legal support of investment projects and search for the optimal solution in case of business disputes.

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Legal representation of agricultural producers' and farmets' interests . Drafting of contracts for the agricultural sector, assistance in analyzys the status and reorganization of enterprises in the industry.

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Assessment of real estate, challenging property rights. Our lawyers provide complex support of real estate transactions, analysis and registration of construction objects.


Law & Management Finance Group is a well-coordinated team of professionals for whom there are no unresolved cases. Properly built business processes within the company allow us to successfully work on solving issues clients without losing the smallest details.

Lawyers of L&M Finance Group regularly improve their level by studying modern approaches and technologies in order to be the most useful for the clients and the best in their field.